Spiritual Mediums; Are you a believer?

Have you ever had a spiritual reading? I’m still learning about it, and the whole idea is hard to wrap my head around, but I am a full-fledged believer after having it done. Nearly two years ago, my closest childhood friend, Laura, told me she was a medium. You can imagine that I was surprised to say the least. I will admit, I was a skeptic. Not necessarily skeptical of the whole idea of mediums but of her being a spiritual medium. Once I started to really think about it, the more I began to believe in it, and in her. Our childhood together gave a few clues/hints that she had some “colorful” background. The stories she could come up with were hilarious. I won’t get into them but they were good! I vaguely remember an imaginary friend too. I never had one as a kid so I just assumed she had been lying all those years. Telling fibs. But now that I know what she is doing, and that she has brought so much closure and/or strength to total strangers, it all came together. I believed she had it. Whether I did believe she had it or not, I was still going to support her in this journey of hers not only because she has been in my life since 3rd grade, but because I know her, I have known her for 20+ years and it all came into perspective. 

There have been times in our lives that we didn’t talk for years, and no matter how long it was that we were apart, we always picked up where we left off. We have this understanding, we know that our friendship is strong enough to withstand distance between us and understand that we may not always be the closest due to being in different points of our lives, but if we ever needed a friend, a sister, a mom, we would be there for one another. I’m the person she calls when she needs the full out truth, even if it isn’t the truth she wants to hear. And same goes for me, she’ll let me have it whether I want it or not. We put each other in our place without being snarky or rude. 


I am her safe space, and she is mine. Which brings me to the days before dad’s burial services. She hasn’t given me a spiritual reading because of our past. She knows everything about me already, so what could she possibly tell me that she didn’t already know from our past? But that day was different. I picked up her call, and she asked me point blank, “Do you want me to tell you when dad comes through to me, or would you rather I not say anything?”. I immediately said, “TELL ME!”.

Laura went on to tell me everything dad had “told” her. I quote that because I don’t know the specific terms when a spirit comes through to a medium and how they get their point across to the medium. She told me things that I didn’t even know. I called my brother Chad right away to see if he could correlate the info. That he did. Laura told me things that no one would have known. I’ll give you all a tiny tidbit. For dad’s services, we were riding in the funeral procession from the funeral home to the cemetery. Chad on his bike, dad’s best friend traveled from TN to ride dad’s bike with my sister on back, I got to ride on the back of my Uncle’s bike, and multiple other family members and friends rode with us. IN THE RAIN! Thanks, dad! HA!

Dad came through to Laura to be sure Chad checked the bikes. He specifically pointed out a tail light on his bike. Sure as shit. When Chad was making sure the bikes were ready to go, there was a tail light out. Again, there was no way Laura would know dad had a tail light out. I mean, unless she was super stealth and broke into dad’s garage, then started the bike without anyone hearing it, to see it was out. Clearly she didn’t do that. There were many other things that she shed light on for me that day. I’m forever grateful for not only her friendship that we’ve held onto all these years, but also for that day. Connecting me with someone I had lost.

I understand that mediums aren’t for everyone, I’m just sharing my experience with a medium, and how I became more open to the idea. I also have noticed that most of my blog posts have been centered around my dad, and his passing. Soon I’ll get back to regular scheduled programming of life in a blended family, and such. But as for now, he’s on my mind and in my heart most this past year. 

Thanks for reading friends!



P.S., if you’d like Laura’s contact info, I’ll link it for you HERE.




Author: Cassy

I come from your average blue collar, working class family from the South Suburbs of Chicago. Once living so close to the city that I could take a 5-minute bike ride in, to now building a family and home in the far reaches of the burbs. I have worn a few hats in my day: retail, health and fitness, salon and spa, investments, and my most important career as stay-at-home mom. I have most recently become an independent Maskara Beauty artist. Feel free to browse my website and contact me with any questions. Thanks for stopping in!

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