COVID-19 Homeschool Edition


With so much sadness going on in the world today, I’ve found myself not knowing what to do, how to help, or what to even think. There are so many rumors and speculation out there. So as of right now, I’m moving my focus off of the news, and onto writing and my family. Specifically keeping my kids and family safe. When I heard that schools might close due to COVID-19, I was relieved. I had been an anxiety ridden mess the past few weeks knowing what kind of virus is going around. Especially after learning everything there is to know about it. How it spreads. How deadly it can be. And most specifically, that it is not prejudice. It can affect each and every one of us. No matter what age, color, or gender we are. No one is immune to it. 

Without knowing exactly what the kids were working on in class, I’ve been focusing our curriculum on Reading Comprehension and Math. But threw in some science and social studies crosswords, word searches, and fun coloring sheets. Even though we own all of the workbooks listed below, I left all pages intact by making copies of the pages I wanted to use. This way the workbooks can be passed down from amigo to amigo. They also Journal and do a book report every day. The Journal can be a writing passage about anything on their mind that day. And the book report is on whatever book they read during their 1hr of quiet reading time they did earlier in the day. 

I don’t know about yours, but my kids rely on a schedule and structure. Especially my little numero dos. Oh man. She is a stickler for a schedule. It throws her day all out of whack if she doesn’t have that structure to fall back on. This is a schedule I found online via social media sharing. I tweaked it to fit our family, and our needs/wants. We’ve been using this as a guideline. Feel free to use it and tweak it in any way you’d like. 

2020 Homeschool Schedule by_ five by five – Sheet1

Here’s a list of websites that I was able to snag some FREE printable worksheets from:

  1. By far the most user friendly math site out there. And you have the option for an Answer Key! 

Crafts, games, and activities to keep their minds going: 

  1. Handmade Greeting Card Kit
  2. Brain Puzzles
  3. LEGO Set
  4. Child Safe Kitchen Knife Set– For those who like to help in the kitchen at meal time.
  5. Loteria Mexican Bingo– Teach them Spanish while playing BINGO
  6. Crayola Ultimate Light Board
  7. Crayola Smart Case
  8. CVC Toolbox
  9. Connectrix Educational Matching Game
  10. Sidewalk Chalk
  11. Plus Plus Interlocking Puzzle
  12. Memory
  13. Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
  14. Dry Erase Learning Books
  15. Minute Math Electronic Flashcards
  16. Wikki Stix
  17. Jenga

Workbooks I found on Amazon: Scholastic Success workbooks have been a fan fave for us.

  1. Scholastic Success with Reading
  2. Scholastic Success with Addition and Subtraction
  3. Scholastic Success with Numbers and Concepts
  4. Scholastic Jumbo Workbook

E-learning websites:


Educational YouTube channels:

  1. SciShow
  2. National Geographic Kids
  3. Kids Learning Tube


  1. Magic School Bus
  2. If I were an Animal
  3. Brain Games

Keep them moving:

  1. Cosmic Kids Yoga (YouTube channel)
  2. GoNoodle


Hope this was a helpful post! Feel free to reach out to me directly, I’m more than happy to help!




Author: Cassy

I come from your average blue collar, working class family from the South Suburbs of Chicago. Once living so close to the city that I could take a 5-minute bike ride in, to now building a family and home in the far reaches of the burbs. I have worn a few hats in my day: retail, health and fitness, salon and spa, investments, and my most important career as stay-at-home mom. I have most recently become an independent Maskara Beauty artist. Feel free to browse my website and contact me with any questions. Thanks for stopping in!

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